AMC & Support

Basic Computer LLC provide the AMC as per the below terms and conditions
HARDWARE: This will not include the actual components of your PC, like the hard disk, monitor, mouse, keyboard, floppy disk drive, zip disk drive etc. The AMC covers all possible hardware related problems. For eg: a hard disk drive crash, noises during operation, etc. Problems caused by electric failure/surge are not covered here. For very sensitive machines, manufacturers recommend the use of a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply Machine)
NETWORKING: This would cover all the LAN and networking related problems, dealing with Switches, cables etc. The Switches might fail to function properly or the PCs might not be able to connect. All this will be repaired under the AMC.
SOFTWARE: This includes an AMC for all the software related issues such as Operating Systems, Mail Software, Database software etc. It is advised that one should always buy licensed and legal software to prevent any software issues and it also makes maintenance easier as the software company will provide you with a new copy in case the older one gets damaged or crashes.
SERVICES: Services include back-up solutions, cleaning of the computer system and peripherals, disaster recovery solutions, general anti virus checks and regular maintenance like running diagnostic tests to ensure if all the components are working fine.