Web Designing & Development

Researchers found that the brain makes decisions in just twentieth of a second of viewing a web page and ten times longer to make an opinion. If people believe a web site looks good then this positive quality will spread to other areas. The study published in the journal behavior and information technology, also suggest that first impression have a lasting Impact.
Website and web information in this world is not negligible and that is what shows your Organization to the world. Basic Computer LLC does its core activities which relates to the field of Multimedia, Web design and Visualization of Communication Problems. Despite the changes in media, the ground rules have remained the same. An attractive package of information and entertainment is must and whosoever finds your site interesting will look at it.
It is to this aspect that Basic Computer LLC has turned its attention and prepares the customer’s message in keeping with the target group’s requirements. Among other things our execution style includes presenting the general concept, design and animation studies, and sound, music selections in addition to project management from the earliest stage right to its successful completion and beyond.
We offer standard packages that are flexible and suit low budget small business/home business companies, non-profit organizations, individuals, entrepreneurs to larger Corporations – in simple words, for everybody and everyone. We also offer a range of that just somehow “stands out” from the rest. No matter what you choose, we stay with you all the way. We design and develop Websites with an innovative creativity.When we develop a custom web application, we implement the latest encryption technology to make sure all data is secure. We can implement different user access levels and other security measures to ensure your web application is as secure as it is functional. It’s all part of our dot net development.

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