Administrator Optic (VAT Ready)

Accounting & Inventory Software for Optical Shops.

Administrator Optic is a Inventory & Accounting software which was developed for the Optical Shops.It is a VAT Enabled Software package as per UAE laws. This is an application with the options to keep lens power details, Contact lens Power Details of customers and searching option with mobile no and customer name. Administrator Optic comes with easy-to-use and full fledged accounting module to support the management in their future policies and planning. Administrator Optic comes with Single user & Multiuser versions with bar code & without bar code feature.
  • Invoice with Right & Left SPH,CYL,AXIS,VA,ADD,IDD with DV,NV lens Details Invoice with Right & Left SPH, CYL, AXIS, VA, ADD, IDD with DV,NV Contact lens Details
  • Order for Lens making
  • Prescription printing with Right & Left SPH,CYL,AXIS,VA,ADD,IDD,Type with DV,NV both lens and Contact lens Details
  • Prescription searching by Mobile no, Customer Name
  • Invoice with Cash, Credit , Credit card, Voucher Options
  • Barcode label printing
  • Purchase Invoicing
  • Sales Order processing
  • Stock Reports
  • Price list & Reorder levels
  • Staff passport, visa, id expiry alerts
  • Daily Book (With Daily Cash Collection, Daily Credit Card, Old Collection, Old Credit Card etc)
  • Staff wise, Doctor wise, Brand wise invoice reports
  • Receivable & Payable Aging wise . 0-30, 3-60, 60-90, 90 above
  • Cash Book & Bank Statement Item wise, staff wise profit analysis
  • Post Dated Cheque Given & Received
  • Post Dated Cheque Due Date Reminder
  • Analysis & Financial Statements