Software Development

Contracting Company Automation system package gives a complete solution for the Contracting Companies as it has a complete payroll system and with user friendly interface for entering labour timesheet and site costs. Administrator comes with VAT Ready Accounting module. It covers the total reports to support the company in inventory control, Invoice control, Subcontract management, invoicing and decision making. The package comes with automated accounts from which you can generate complete Accounting reports up to Financial Statement. Administrator Contacting Company Automation System is network enabled multi user, multi company package which gives high user security and user access facilities.
Below are the main features of Package.
  • Project Budgeting.
  • Material Request
  • LPO
  • Material Issue Against each projects
  • Project wise material flow control
  • Project wise income and expense reports.
  • User friendly timesheet entry which enables easy input of timesheet details from the site along with overtime, holiday rate.
  • Labour, staff, Subcontracting can be differentiated completely with there payrolls for easy analysis through report and accounts.
  • Reports and alerts on expiry of visa, passport, labour card etc.
  • Easy employee payment calculation and report generation.
  • PDC, Cheque and Cash receipt and payment for each modules.
  • Pop ups on Visa expiry, passport expiry, Emirates ID expiry etc.
  • Pop ups for PDC
  • Journal entries for advance accounting.
  • Full fledged automated accounts till financial statement.
  • Maintaining Purchase, Material Issue , Store Stock etc.
  • Aging wise Receivables & Payables
  • Detailed reports in all areas of business to support management decision.
  • Customized reports and modules as per customer requirements.